Highlands Community Association, Renton, Washington, eminent domain, Kelo, Inez Petersen
Highlands Community Association
Renton, Washington

Influencing the Community and the City

Nov 15, City shows "vision"
HCA asks about Eminent Domain
03/08/06 City Council Offsite
Mayor's State of the City speaches
City's Heartland Study July 2005
Newsweek article on Kelo v New London
Political Cartoon - Bulldozer Mayor
EDNSP "Option A" Statement of Work/Schedule
Mayor's Proposed High Density Zoning
Current Zoning - Highlands study area
HCA's 14-Point Plan
Sen. Prentice and Reps Hudgins and Hasegawa
Environmental Review Committee DNS
SEPA Appeal
Buck and Gordon letter to City of Renton
Misleading letter from Mayor Koelker
HCA Issues List
HCA Kelo Rally, Mayor's history of Eminent Domain
June 2006 Report Card on the Mayor
Mayor's strategies June 26, 2006
HCA response to Mayor's strategies June 28, 2006
King County Journal article, June 29, 2006
Michael Bindus Guest Editorial June 29, 2006
Renton Reporter Letters of July 5, 2006
Randy Corman's Motion of July 17, 2006
BIOGRAPHIES - HCA Board of Directors
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Institute for Justice:
Institute for Justice
Institute for Justice: One Year After Kelo
Opening the Floodgates: Eminent Domain Abuse
Needed Reform: What YOU can do NOW! HR 4128
Rallies Against Eminent Domain Abuse
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13 Goals of GMA
Sex Offender Look-up
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Highlands Community Association, Renton, Washington, eminent domain, Kelo, Inez Petersen

The HCA is non partisan and functions as a neighborhood association; as such, it educates the Public about issues of concern and does not endorse political candidates or contribute money to political parties or political campaigns.
"We don't give them hell, we just tell the truth and they think it is hell."--Truman
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